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There is More

It’s nearly time for our Aldersgate National Conference on the Holy Spirit.  Why would we be excited about it?

We have come to an understanding when the people of God gather, they come with expectant hearts and they are willing to set aside themselves and their priorities. God comes and blesses, empowers and engages them for the work of the kingdom that is ahead of them.  There is more.

We have come to an understanding when we come and allow God to work in us and among us, He will do unexpected things. Signs and miracles happen, words of prophecy will be heard and impartation will be given.  There is more.

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We come to the Aldersgate Conference to renew relationships and to begin new relationships; to hear from God and have God move in us; to sense freedom in worship; to pray and to pray for others; to remember and to make new memories; to be used by God and to serve others.  There is more.

Are you excited yet?  We come to sing the songs of Zion, to lift up the name of Jesus, to praise and glorify God, to sense His presence among us, to share our faith-stories with one another, to bear witness to the power of the Holy Spirit, to learn more about who God desires us to be, and to be freed from the things the enemy would tie us to, so we can sense the blessings that God has for us.  There is more. 

When John Wesley went about preaching, there were “strange” things happening.  Crowds gathered to listen.  Some people were moved in the Holy Spirit.  Others looked on and did not understand.  The Wesleyan revival took people back to the days of the Apostles when signs and wonders seemed to be commonplace. Would this be like going to Conference?  There is more!

Randy Clark wrote in his book, There Is More,

        “God is simply looking for those who are willing to yield their hearts and lives to all that God wants to work through them, for those who are willing to believe
for more because ‘There is more!’”

Come, join us at the Aldersgate 2016 Conference and sense God’s provision for “the more” in your life.