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What's In Your Tool belt
I have never been able to work well with my hands.  I was always the “go for” Dad.  I learned some things along the way, but I’ve never really been a handyman type.  Now, I did take on some projects, but most of the time I let someone who knows the use of their gifts to do the work.  I even had one church Trustee say that I should never have power tools in my hands.  They saw me at work with a chain saw. God made people different.  He gives us what we need to do the work/ministry that He wants us to be a part of.  I may not be able to nail every nail straight, but I can play a tune on the piano sometimes.  God made us different so we could get all the ministry done that He sees that needs to be done.  We all have different “tool belts” we work with.  We just do what we know to do, and do our best.  It’s always how we minister effe...
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