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Enjoy the Journey
In the ‘normal’ order of things, parents are the ones that are supposed to teach their children lessons.  However, this summer on our way to our family vacation, my two daughters taught me a valuable lesson in faith.  A lesson that I think if every believer and church practiced, the world would be a radically different place to live in.  Let me share with you what took place.  Early in the summer Jocelyn and I planned a surprise trip to Disney World for the girls.  Our hopes were that we could make it a complete surprise for them, and we were able to pull it off.  During the weeks leading up to our trip, Jocelyn and I were able to make all of the arrangements without the girls finding anything out.  The night before we left, we packed the car and had everything ready to leave for an 8 hour car ride to Orlando.  When the girls got up that morning, ...
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