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Did you know there is a fire burning?  Can you smell it?  Can you sense it?  God is stirring!

The embers are beginning to catch fire again.  The embers have been settled for a long time.  But, God is stirring, and something is about to happen.  Do you see it?  Do you know it is beginning?

We have felt this flame before…it’s been a while, but it feels familiar.  We’re not bothered by the embers being stirred, again it feels familiar.  Why are the embers beginning to catch fire again…God is stirring!

We are living in a day when God is stirring all over the place.  In Africa, people are being healed.  In Brazil, people are being delivered from addictions.  In India, people are receiving Jesus in places that were previously closed to the gospel.  In Pakistan people are being trained to lead the Life in the Spirit Seminar.  In America new doors are opening for church renewal.  God is stirring!

Embers are being stirred in people’s spirits and there is a sense of a developing movement.  The embers are catching fire again, and more people are being drawn to the flame.  The fire is getting hotter…Do you see it?  Do you smell it?  Are you on fire?

You see, when God is stirring, those who are in His presence feel the fire beginning to burn.  They sense something is near.  They cannot put their finger on it, but it is of God.  Fire…light, warmth, defense, power; purging, cleansing, purifying…all of this is happening.  What is God up to?  God is stirring!

When you see fire happening in the church, what do you think?  Let’s put it out, or ask God to turn it up?  You know what happens in churches where there is fire…God is stirring!

God is stirring the people and churches.  There is a sense that God is beginning something new, something powerful.  God is awakening power in the church and boldness in people.  God wants churches and individuals who are on fire for Him.  God is stirring!

John Wesley responded to a person once who asked him about the crowds who came to hear him that God set him on fire and the people came to see him burn.  God was stirring then, too!

May you sense God’s stirring in your lives in order to bring your embers into full flame.  Then, you will be a light in your church and in your community.

Fire…Fire…FIRE…God is stirring!

Today, the highlight of morning worship was the commissioning of 29 new missionaries.  They will serve in various places around the world.

Also, for the first time a person from outside the United States will serve as Chair the Judicial Council.  A lawyer from Liberia will take this post at the end of General Conference.  He has been on the Council for the past 4 years.

We continue to meet people at our exhibit, friends and new acquaintances.  We have prayed with several.  We talked to Tom Albin about the success of the Prayer Room at this conference.

Our work is to share a loving, faithful witness with all people.

The day began with worship and a rousing message from Bishop Swanson.  You would have been proud of this dear brother as he called for the presence of God to “invade this place and cast out any spirit that would come against God’s plan.”  It was moving to hear him speak.

Most of the day was spent talking about the Bishop’s statement about how we go forward.  In the afternoon a motion was made to follow the Bishop’s plan and it passed 425-408.

Our response is the same to have a loving and faithful witness for God, and to be ready to pray for those who come to us.  We continue in prayer, and ask that you do the same.
It is with great concern I send you what happened yesterday (May 17) at General Conference.  The President of the Council of Bishops, Bishop Bruce Ough, gave a statement from the Council saying that the Bishops are divided on two areas of ministry, but affirm unity.  The areas of disagreement are:  interpretation of Scripture and inclusion of LGBTQI.  Those on the plenary floor and the gallery were silent at the end of his statement.  You can listen to Bishop Ough’s statement at the General Conference website. 

Later in the day, a call from the floor for the Bishops to give guidance was passed.  The Bishops and others began meeting Tuesday afternoon, and we expect a statement within 24 hours.

Our course is to have a loving and faithful witness, and to be continuous in prayer for the Bishops, those who are delegates to the General Conference, and for the whole United Methodist Church.
Yesterday (May 16) was the beginning of the second week of General Conference.  There were elections for various committees and groups.  Two people who are a part of the Aldersgate ​family ​were elected yesterday.   Diana DeWitt was elected as one of the clergy alternates for the Judicial Council and David Watson was elected to the University Senate.  We congratulate both of them on their elections.

The conference is back in the plenary sessions voting on legislative committee reports.  Celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the UM Women and Higher Education were given.

We still pray with many who come by our booth, and the Prayer Room is used by many visitors and delegates.

Continue to pray for other issues coming before the conference in the coming days.