About Aldersgate Renewal Ministries:

"I have been associated with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries since 1980 when I attended my first Aldersgate Conference. ARM continues to be an integral part of my spiritual life and professional development. I have a deep appreciation for their ministry and gladly commend it to the whole Church."

Rev. Steve Breon
First UMC, Joplin, Missouri


"ARM is one of the dynamic ways God is presently revitalizing the UMC. Through its ministries thousands have been drawn closer to God, found renewal in the Spirit, and been empowered for faithful and effective ministry. I am grateful to God for all that ARM has meant to our denomination."

Dr. Hal Knight
Professor of Wesleyan Studies, Saint Paul School of Theology


"The words of God's Spirit are blowing in creative and renewing ways in the United Methodist movement. ARM is one of the wonderful channels for the transformation of congregations through resources, such as the Lay Witness Missions. I am grateful for all the ways they serve Christ, our church and world."

Bishop Peter D. Weaver
Boston Area, Council of Bishops President


About Minister & Spouse Retreat:

"Recently my wife and I attended a clergy spouse conference sponsored by ARM. We were both refreshed and inspired by the sessions, speakers and the positive interaction between clergy and their spouses. I'm so thankful for the staff. I applaud the good efforts of ARM and endorse their good work."

Rev. Garry Masterson 
Hardy Memorial UMC, Texarkana, Texas


"Last Fall, (2001) when I was very close to a professional 'burn-out,' my wife and I attended the ARM Pastors' and Spouses' Retreat in Nashville. In addition to great worship and superb teaching, I received a fresh wind that has empowered my ministry and enlivened my church! I might well be leaving the ministry now had it not been for the anointed ministries of Aldersgate."

Rev. Glen Haworth
Chino UMC, Chino, California


"During the first week of April 2002, my wife Sue and I attended a Pastor and Spouse Retreat at the ARC in Goodlettsville. When we arrived we were both tired and stressed out from the demands of ministry. My wife and I each came away encouraged and incredibly refreshed. I am now experiencing a joy that is more vibrant and enduring than I have ever known before. I feel like I am now ministering out of the overflow of God's Spirit."

Pastor David Dow


"Pastors burn out for a number of reasons but one of the most important is lack of fellowship and accountability. This program is designed to meet that need."

Robert G. Tuttle, Jr., Ph. D.
Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary


Aldersgate Annual Conference

"We attended this event to deepen our spiritual lives and to ask God to show us where he wanted us to serve in our new church.  We both came away from the conference with the same discernment of what we had prayed about, that God wanted us to work with the Youth at our new church."

Karl and Paula McKinnon
Gastonia, NC


"Saturday night, the keynote speaker spoke of Christ wanting to enter the church, that really tore at my heart and soul.  It was during worship & the sermon that the Holy Spirit filled an emptiness in my heart and it was then that I totally sold out to God, everything, anything, and all things are His. My life was totally changed to the better, and I'm still on fire for God, and remain on fire, because now I know who rules my life - AWESOME!!!!

Rev. Andrew Coward
Climax, NC


"Greetings in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, Aldersgate 09 was truly heart & eye opening experience for me and my wife.  I felt the power of the Holy Spirit rain down on me, & fill me with power that I never expected. It is true that God works in mysterious ways, and he did.  I felt as though I had experienced a little heaven with the worship, and word, what can I say, Rudy started it off for me, by challenging me to get out side the box of Christianity, to live on the edge, to be a disciple of Christ.  Then Scott finished me off with his sermon, in that why is Christ on the outside of the church knocking to get in? I have listened to this sermon and have let church groups listen to it.  It's time to get off our duffs in the pews and go to work.  Nobody said being a disciple of Christ was easy.  I'm still on fire and will continue to be on fire for God.  I'll see ya at Aldersgate10 in Charleston, WV

Andrew & Susan Coward


Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry

"The subject matter touched me exactly where I am at.  I especially appreciated the emphasis on Scripture and the balance between Scripture and experience."  

"The MSSM was the best!!  I felt like I was enjoying a meal of lobster!  It will be hard to go back home to teachings that equal potato chips."

"God touched and healed me in worship several times.  He healed me of many situations in my past and brought comfort to me as well.  I had an inner healing prayer concerning my conception and birth and God touched me and loved me.  He wanted me and chose me intentionally."


Aldersgate Renewal Center Events:

Day Apart

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Minister & Spouse Retreat

"I came to this event feeling distrustful of God and the Holy Spirit. I had been involved in a Women's ministry, which had and does practice the charismatic gift of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, these gifts had been misused and abused, hurting others and myself. So, I had stepped apart from God and the Holy Spirit unsure of my faith and reluctant to trust. I have spent the last several years as a Martha doing the business of the church. During my time at the conference, I felt an openness to trust again and a desire to spend time being in fellowship with my God and the Holy Spirit. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the music, fellowship, testimonies, prayers and speakers."

Pastor, Illinois


"God began to work in my heart from the beginning in the area of forgiveness from a recent family situation. The opportunity to be away as a couple, to really talk and spend uninterrupted time together, brought renewal to our marriage. The whole week brought healing and renewal."

Pastor, Nebraska


"My husband's heart was encouraged here, which is peace and rest to me. He was loved and accepted here, which is healing to me, too. We as a couple were blessed, encouraged, lifted up, loved, and taken care of by the Lord through his faithful and blessed saints."

Pastor, North Carolina


"God has moved in a wonderful way renewing and encouraging us in ministry. We have truly been blessed by this experience in our marriage and in our ministry. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord to share the blessings of God's love and faithfulness."

Pastor, Ohio


"Freed us from bondage to things of the world. We will go away greatly refreshed with a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit."

Pastor, Texas


"The Lord blessed my heart through excellent worship. It was so uplifting to sing so much and not be responsible for leadership. I just relaxed and enjoyed God's presence in a new and fresh way. My heart was renewed for ministry."

Pastor, Michigan


"A healing has begun in me that surprised me and the story has just begun. [This event] brought me closer to the Lord and closer to my spouse."

Pastor's wife, Michigan

Local Church Renewal Events:

Lay Witness Mission

"Our recent Lay Witness Mission at Taylor Chapel UMC at Fort Wayne, Indiana, touched many lives and helped the church to see our Lord and Savior in the faces of the people. The witnesses did a great job of creating a loving and caring attitude. We are indeed thankful for your work and the overseeing of the Lay Witness Mission program."

Pastor Bill Farmer
Taylor Chapel UMC, Fort Wayne, Indiana


"In 1975 my home church had a Lay Witness Mission and it renewed the church in a powerful way.  After that weekend I began volunteering on Law Witness Mission teams and found it to be an enormous spiritual blessing.  Two years later I found myself beginning a seminary degree at Asbury Theological Seminary and I met quite a few fellow students who had been nurtured in their faith through this Lay Witness Mission movement.  It is still alive and well today and it can energize your church through small group lay evangelism.  The power of making disciples for Jesus Christ comes through the Holy Spirit working through the human, everyday faith stories of faith. If more Christians would tell others about what God is doing in their life, our churches would see tremendous growth (numerically and spiritually)."

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson
The United Methodist Church
Philadelphia Area 
(Eastern Pennsylvania Conference and Peninsula-Delaware Conference)


"I was saved when a lay witness mission visited my church. There was a beautiful hearted woman named Barbara who took me under her wing right from the start. I was about 15 and she was in her 60s I'm guessing. I've never met anyone so full of pure love. Anyway, we were having one group where we were sitting on the floor in a circle. They said if we wanted Jesus to come into our hearts, all we had to do was ask. When it came to my turn, I cleared my mind and asked Jesus to come into my heart. A feeling of peace came over me that words can't describe enough. Ever since then, I've known that everything will be alright no matter what's going on in my life. I'll never forget her.

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Life in the Spirit Seminar

"Had a great time at the weekend event. It is always good to be with God's people. I was truly blessed by meeting so many wonderful folks that have struggled through so much.  Their stories were amazing of heart break and restoration through Christ."

Denise Olczak
Espyville, PA

Worship in Spirit and Truth Seminar

"I just wanted to thank you and praise God for the many ministries that come through you.  I was able to attend the WIST weekend at Hardin’s Chapel UMC in Greeneville, TN. I pastor another small membership church not too far from Hardin’s Chapel.  It was a wonderful time of renewal and worship for me.

Dixie Miller
Morristown, TN