Worship In Spirit and Truth Event

What is a Worship in Spirit and Truth Event?

Deepen your relationship with God

Relationship is the basis for worship. God initiates relationship with us, and it is our privilege to respond to His invitation to get to know Him better.  Discover the vastness of God’s nature and character in the Scriptures and experience the boundless love that God has for you personally.

Overcome hindrances to worship

The quality of our worship can sometimes be a reflection of the quality of our relationship with God.  Dry, lifeless and empty worship may find its source in obstacles from our past choices and our present circumstances.  Identify and overcome these hindrances to a meaningful and consistent relationship with God.

Discover Biblical worship

The Scriptures explain who, what, where, when, why and how we are to worship.  Teachings will uncover the breadth and depth of Biblical expressions of worship and bring application to our personal faith journey.

Gain vision for your church

If we’re not careful and diligent, the focus of our worship can subtly shift to a horizontal pursuit of pleasing and appeasing people. Discover how Biblical expressions of worship can open doors to Spirit-led creativity in worship planning.

Description of the Event

The Worship in Spirit and Truth Event is a team-led renewal event for churches designed to equip participants with a Biblical understanding of worship. Incorporating Scripture from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, teachings will examine both corporate worship experiences and the lives of individual worshipers. Truths gained from the models of personal and corporate worship in Scripture will be applied to our daily lives.

Designed for the entire church to experience, the Worship in Spirit and Truth Event will give fresh insight into worship and its importance in and to our lives.

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