Pathways To A Praying Church Event

What is Pathways to a Praying Church Event?

Experience a concert of prayer

Following teaching on the importance of praying together and an opportunity to share together in small groups, participants will experience a unique model of corporate prayer. A concert of prayer combines seasons of worship with seasons of directed prayer.

How the gifts of the Holy Spirit enhance praying together

Sound biblical teaching from a Wesleyan perspective will help participants understand and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit effectively in corporate prayer.  Emphasis is also given to praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Tools for corporate prayer

Your church chooses 4 tools for presentation from the curriculum.  Each tool includes sound biblical teaching, personal testimony, and a prayer experience to allow participants to pray together.  More than teaching, this unit enables participants to encounter God.

Learn how to minister healing to body, soul and spirit

Pathways to a Praying Church will enable your church to begin or strengthen an intentional healing ministry.  We share both the importance of ministering to the whole person and practical guidelines for training prayer teams for ministry.

Description of the Event

“Pathways to a Praying Church” is an event designed to encourage God’s people to pray together corporately. The event challenges and encourages churches to become houses of prayer and equips people with the tools for a consistent, powerful prayer life.

Recognizing that we learn by both hearing and doing, the curriculum is written to include a variety of activities that are practical applications of the teachings on prayer. Team members will share not only their victories, but also times when they have struggled to walk in intimacy with God through prayer.  More than just a teaching tool, this event is an opportunity for all to encounter the Living God!

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