Lord, Teach Us to Pray Event

What Is the Lord, Teach Us to Pray Event?

Experience the victory of a Spirit-filled prayer life
Is your personal prayer life a duty, a discipline, or a delight?  Prayer is a relationship with our Heavenly Father that grows and matures over time.  This seminar will encourage all those who yearn for a closer walk with the Lord through prayer.  

Apply lessons from the prayer life of Jesus
Our prayer lives will be enhanced as we learn to follow Jesus’ example of prayer. Why did Jesus pray? What did Jesus pray?  When did Jesus pray?

Put into practice tools for personal prayer
Your church chooses 5 tools for presentation from the curriculum. Each tool includes sound biblical teaching, personal testimony, and a prayer experience to enable you to practice the tool.

Identify and find healing for obstacles to intimacy with God
God’s promise of intimacy with Him is for you.  But many of us experience obstacles to intimacy.  Scripture, personal testimony, and the opportunity to receive personal prayer help participants find freedom for greater intimacy with God.

Description of the Event

“Lord, Teach Us to Pray” is an event designed to encourage God’s people to become a people of prayer.  ARM will bring a team of trained persons to teach and share personal testimony that will encourage individuals to take a growth step toward maturity in prayer.  This event has the potential to change lives and to transform churches as participants are challenged to walk in intimacy with God through prayer.

Recognizing that we learn by both hearing and doing, the curriculum is written to include a variety of activities that are practical applications of the teachings on prayer.  Team members will share not only their victories, but also times when they have struggled to walk in intimacy with God through prayer.  More than just a teaching tool, this event is an opportunity for all to encounter the Living God!

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