International Ministry Trips

As a result of personal contacts and the internet ARM has been contacted by church leaders (mostly Methodist) around the world requesting us to do ARM ministry in their countries.  We feel that it is the best use of our time and resources to respond to international requests to minister to groups of church leaders and pastors rather than requests coming from individual churches.  That way, church leaders and pastors can communicate what they learned and experienced to their own people in their own language without the need for translators.

ARM has sent teams to do some of their local church renewal events in the Philippines, Poland, Peru, Paraguay, Russia, Nepal, Tanzania, Slovakia, England, Estonia, Lithuania, Brazil, India, and Liberia.  We are currently responding to requests by Methodist leaders in 4 other countries.

The participant materials are translated into the language of the people.  Translators are provided by the host setting and sometimes the words of the team members are translated into multiple languages at the same meeting.

International ministry teams are formed in one of two ways.  The first is where people who have been trained as ARM local church renewal event team members indicate that they are available for international ministry.  That is then noted in the ARM database.  And when ARM receives a request for an international team to come to another country and an event coordinator is appointed, the coordinator will use the ARM database to recruit international team members.

The second way that international ministry teams are formed is what we call the “Sending Churches Model.”  Here ARM sends a local church renewal event trainer to a local church to train people there to be team members.  Those trained people then serve on a team at a local church renewal event here in the USA, sometimes in their own church.

Some of those trained may only want to serve on teams in our country, but those who want to serve on an international team are then entered into the ARM database.  When an international ministry request is received and an event coordinator is appointed then those trained at this church will be recruited to serve as the core of the international ministry team.

International team members will be expected to raise the funds needed for the cost of their participation in the trip.  They are encouraged to raise financial support beyond their needs to provide scholarships for team members who are not successful in raising their full support and for seed money for future ARM international ministry.

If you would be interested in being part of an ARM international ministry team or your church would like to become an ARM “Sending Church” contact the ARM Office at