Aldersgate Philippines

Around 1,000 people continue to attend Aldersgate in the Philippines the first week quarter each year.

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In behalf of the whole Baguio Episcopal Area, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all, for the wonderful experience we had last January.  My 22 District Superintendents and I were so overwhelmed and I believe that there is indeed spiritual revival taking place in my area.  I claim that with the experience of my DS’s, all the pastors and deaconesses in the 8 annual conferences will also be spiritually uplifted!  We have decided to attend this same worthy activity every year, as the Lord provides!  It is my commitment to pursue continuing education for clergy and lay leaders; hence I look forward to more Encounter God Retreats and Aldersgate Renewal activities in the days to come.
- Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan, Baguio Episcopal Area, UMC

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