Cross-Cultural Events

John Wesley said “The world is my parish.”  Much like the early disciples, individuals and churches who are growing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit and flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be used by God to turn the world upside down.  Whether your “world” is the next cubicle or the next continent, ARM offers ministry to equip you and your church to minister to the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Local Church Renewal Events

Although ARM’s team-led local church renewal events are most often done as weekend events in local churches in the United States, ARM has accepted invitations to do them in international settings as well.  The Life in the Spirit Seminar has been done in The Philippines, Poland, Paraguay, Russia, Slovakia, Tanzania, Brazil, Peru, Nepal and England.  The Lord Teach us To Pray seminar has been done in Slovakia and Nepal.  The Lay Witness Mission has been done in Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia.

In addition to international ministry, ARM has been invited to do our team-led local church renewal events in Spanish speaking churches here in the United States and in non-local church settings. Since we have a Spanish version of the Life in the Spirit Seminar and Lord Teach Us To Pray participant’s manuals we can provide these seminars in Spanish speaking settings here as well as abroad. We have some Spanish speaking trained team members and can use translators for other team members. 

The Lay Witness Mission, Lord Teach Us To Pray, and Life in the Spirit Seminar have all be done in prison settings. Some have been done in retreat settings, cluster, district and conference settings; and we are exploring opportunities to do them at retirement centers.  Normal schedules for these events are modified as needed for these unique settings. 

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International Fellowships

Aldersgate Philippines
In the Philippines, ARM has an annual Aldersgate conference the first week of January that is comparable to the Aldersgate conference in the USA. It is well supported by the United Methodist bishops, district superintendents and various seminaries in the Philippines.
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Aldersgate UK
In England, ARM-UK has formed under the leadership of Rev. David Winstanley. ARM-UK has hosted renewal events not only in England, but also in Estonia and Lithuania. ARM-UK has a vision and goal of ministering in all of Europe.
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International Ministry Trips

As a result of personal contacts and the internet ARM has been contacted by church leaders (mostly Methodist) around the world requesting us to do ARM ministry in their countries.  We feel that it is the best use of our time and resources to respond to international requests to minister to groups of church leaders and pastors rather than requests coming from individual churches.  That way, church leaders and pastors can communicate what they learned and experienced to their own people in their own language without the need for translators.

ARM has sent teams to do some of their local church renewal events in the Philippines, Poland, Peru, Paraguay, Russia, Nepal, Tanzania, Slovakia, England, Estonia, Lithuania, Brazil, India, and Liberia.  We are currently responding to requests by Methodist leaders in 4 other countries.
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Hosting an International Event

If you're interested in hosting a renewal event at a location outside of the United States, we would love to talk with you!
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