Legacy Scholarship Donation


The Legacy Scholarship plan is a way to honor those who have had impact on the Spiritual walk of the donor. One-half of the donation will be used as needed immediately to help people desiring help to attend ARM events. This help will be given at the discretion of the ARM staff. The remaining one-half will be held in a financial growth fund until January 1, 2023 to provide continuing funding for deserving applicants.

The individual being honored by the Legacy Scholarship will be recognized immediately in the current monthly ARM Update email. They will also be honored by annual acknowledgement in the Aldersgate Conference program book for 5 years after receipt of the donation. 

 Direct any questions you may have to the ARM Office at 615.851.9192 or email info@aldersgaterenewal.org

Current Honorees:

Ken Steward (2017)
R.A. Pegram (2018)
Charles E. Cilley, Sr. (2018)
Jim Nelson (2018)
Marilyn Fischer (2019)
Harry Burger (2019)
Oryl Fischer (2019)

Please use the following form to submit a Legacy Scholarship gift with an attached photo of the honoree, if available.


When you click Submit, you will then be taken to a donation payment form. Under the Gift Designation, be sure to choose Legacy Scholarship Fund and then click In Honor Of or In Memory Of and fill in the Full Name field with the name of the person you are choosing to Honor for the Legacy Fund. This way we can match up your donation with your Legacy Fund entry.

You do not need to fill in the Notification Full Name or Full Address fields that are directly below that unless you wish to have someone else notified of your donation.