ARM Legacy Scholarship Fund

LegacyFundWe all have individuals in our lives who have contributed to our Spiritual growth and maturity. In your life, there may be someone who, through their legacy with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries, has been that person or persons for you. We have an ARM Legacy Scholarship Fund to honor those persons who, in the life of the ministry, have had such an impact.

The ARM Legacy Scholarship Fund will be honored by a paper record kept in the ARM Office. Only the names of the honorees will be listed. The honorees will also be remembered by a spot in the Aldersgate Conference Program Guide and the Year End Newsletter for a period of 5 years from the original donation in the honorees name. One initial acknowledgement will also be made in the Weekly Update upon receipt of funds.

The funds contributed will be used in the following manner unless advised different by donor: 50% of the contributions will be available for immediate use upon need/request and the other 50% being invested for financial growth. The funds in this scholarship will be used to help participants with registration to attend ARM events.

There is no minimum contribution however, the larger the gift, the more impact the gift will have toward the changed life of recipients. If you feel there is someone that has made an impact in your life that you would like to honor in this way, please contact the ARM Office.

Current Honorees: In Memory of those who have moved onto Glory

Ken Steward (2017)

Our first honoree. Ken loved the Lord. Ken was a great actor portraying Robert Strawbridge and John Wesley. Sharing the love of the Father everywhere he went, he would travel anywhere to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved the Lord and served Him with all his heart. Ken was at every ARM event and encourage new folks to join him whenever he could. You always knew that Ken was in the room, Ken would shout Amen often and loud. Ken made an impact for the Lord through the ministry of ARM. 

R.A. Pegram (2018)

Beloved Pastor. This definition may be over-used today, but it describes R.A. perfectly. R.A. was our pasor, mentor and introduction to ARM in 1986. R.A. advocated ARM year-round by describing the organization as "the best thing since sliced bread". He was among the first local church pastor, at Faith UMC in Neenah, WI, to bring ARM events into his church as a "national ministry". Folks from Nashville to Texas came regularly to the frozen tundra for spirit-filled ministry. Folks from Wisconsin regularly attended the summer Aldersgate National Conference on the Holy Spirit for renewal, refreshment, and empowering. Subsequently, many from Wisconsin regularly participated on ARM Local Church Renewal Teams with his encouragement. R.A. left a legacy to ARM and all who were blessed by his life. Thanks R.A.!

Charles E. Cilley, Sr. (2018)

Many people will remember Charlie as the oldest active celebrator on the floor at Aldersgate. He used a cane except when he had a banner in his hand and could dance with joy before his Lord and Savior which was most of the time at ARM events. He went home August 9, 2016 leaving his wife of 65 years Marjorie, four children and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. He had served the ARM family on the Advisory Council, LCRE, Prayer teams and a Mission trip to Brazil.

Jim Nelson (2018)

Where to start? Not only did Jim love the Lord but he loved to share about the Lord. Jim was an anointed teacher and served in this capacity in a multitude of ways including Sunday School and through ARM local church renewal events. If you were taking a team into the church for a Worship in Spirit and Truth Seminar, you wanted Jim on the team. His wit and humor kept things real but his love for teaching brought it all back to God. Jim loved to sing, especially if he was raising his song in worship. He sang in community choirs as well as his church choir. He was also known to share in select group singing, quartets and duets. Jim served ARM on the Advisory Council and then as a member of the Board and Executive Committee as President, until his health required him to step down. Whenever there was a new pastor assigned to his church, Jim and his wife Ginny always paid for their first visit to the Aldersgate Annual Conference and, because of those invitations, we now have several pastors that are active in ARM ministry because of that initial introduction. What an amazing example to follow!

Marilyn Fischer (2019)

Child of God and a 75 year member of the Methodist Church. In the early 1970's, she became involved in the Lay Witness Mission program with her husband Oryl and other hungry Christians. With the power of the Holy Spirit moving in their lives, evangelism, revival and equipping the flock was paramount in her life. Driven by the teachings of Dr. Wilson, Ross Whetstone, Tommy Tyson, Rick Bonfim, she yearned for the MORE of Jesus. 1982 Aldersgate Conference in Des Moines was the first of many conferences. As her health began to fail in 2011 she listened and watched past conferences on cassettes, CD's, DVD's and live stream. Marilyn was always an encourager for family and pastors to attend Aldersgate. In March of 2019, God called Marilyn home, transferring her membership to the Church Triumphant. In eternal life, Marilyn continues to encourage us as one of the many spiritual pioneers who blazed the way. Hebrews 12:1-2.

Oryl Fischer (2019)

A Redeemed child of God. He Proclaimed, ‘God is Love!’ Oryl was a member of the United Methodist for over 75 years, and a member of the local church for over 50 years. Oryl’s life, from a very early age, was one of sharing his love for Jesus with family and friends. God gave Oryl the gift of music which he shared throughout his life. His mother, Luella, encouraged her son by sharing her love and gift of music as they ministered at church services and funerals as she played the organ and Oryl sang. Oryl was beloved by many people as he freely gave of his time in sharing his music ministry with the homebound and in nursing homes. Former employees, friends, and family had the highest regard for Oryl because he lived a life of giving and humility. He chose to walk with Jesus. Oryl and his wife, Marilyn, became involved with ARM in 1982 and attended every year’s gatherings until their health began to fail in 2011. They continued to listen to live broadcasts and were supportive in prayer and with their giving. Within 6 months of this year 2019, Marilyn, his loving wife of 68 years was called home, and Oryl, continued to battle cancer. His ultimate victory over cancer occurred on Aug 25th, as we prayed and sang over Dad, he reminded us ‘God is Love!’ His Master, called Oryl home and healed his earthly body for all eternity. Indeed, ‘God is Love’, 1 John 4:6-7, 16.

Harry Burger (2019)

A man of integrity and honor who was always helping others. Harry had a great personal faith like the person described in Acts 13:22 “a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.” He traveled with his beloved Margie bringing the life of the Holy Spirt into the life of many local churches. And when opportunities occurred he did the same internationally. Your church would be blessed to have Harry as the coordinator of a local ministry event. A teacher, trainer and encourager he discipled others to be team members on Aldersgate Renewal local church weekend events. Harry had a servants heart. At one time or another he held every job and every leadership position on every committee in the churches he attended in Wisconsin and Tennessee; serving faithfully and well. With Harry’s servant heart he accepted the position of ‘Property Minister’ at the ARC in Goodlettsville in his retirement from business and move to Tennessee. Harry did so much more than just care for the Aldersgate properties. He ministered to everyone he met. Harry taught many of us how to Love God and Love Others. You see, Harry was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Sandy Kirkman Stafford Blackburn (2021)

Author, apostle, revival speaker, prayer believer, and child of the most High God. Sandy Blackburn was a regular attender and supporter of Aldersgate Renewal Ministry Conferences (she always sat on the front row). She also was a participant and prayer warrior at local LISS, and LTUTP conferences in Western NC. A lifelong United Methodist and actively involved in the Piedmont Emmaus Community, she extended her apostleship to encouraging and connecting pastors to pastors, churches to churches, and denominations to denominations. She never knew a stranger. You could find Sandy Blackburn sharing her testimony at her book table in between ARM sessions. Sandy authored seven devotional books beginning with Time With God. Her latest book, Dance With Me, was published during the pandemic in 2020. Sandy died from COVID-19 on her birthday on April 9, 2021 at age 72. Sandy came through a lot of hills and valleys in her life from the untimely death of a daughter, the tragic car accident of three granddaughters, to surviving cancer, and going through divorce twice. Through it all she learned to depend wholly on Jesus Christ. This makes her writings all the more beautiful. Sandy continued to seek wisdom and revelation from her time of worship and prayer. Before she departed for heaven, she received a prophetic Word that would have been the title and subject of her next book. She wanted to share this Word from the Lord with the post-pandemic Church: “With Empty Hands: God’s Plan For The New Church.” Sandy wrote this on the very last day of her life: “Jesus is coming back soon. In the past God instructed Moses to use what he had in his hands, a staff, to lead and build up God’s people in the faith. In this new church, God instructs us, ‘Do not use what you have in your hands,’ declares the Lord. ‘I will fill the Church up with my glory so that no one can boast. The tabernacle is not in a building but now in your hearts. People will come and bow down to me, one by one, and know that I AM the Lord God Almighty who brought you out of this place.’” Selah.

Phyllis Jean Smith (2021)

"Phyllis Jean loved the Aldersgate Conference. She always came up and talked to me asking about family and prayed for us. She was a faithful and sweet lady."

"She had an infectious joy of the Lord, and loved the Aldersgate conferences. Phyllis Jean always made a point to seek me out to encourage and pray for me before the conference began. She loved being a part of the prayer ministry and the prayer network."

"I remember Phyllis Jean as a faithful intercessor. She encouraged me often about how much she appreciated being a part of the ARM network. She had an outgoing personality and I remember how joy-filled she was. She especially loved the Aldersgate Conference."

Harry Camp (2021)

Testimony Coming Soon

James Fox (2023)

Testimony Coming Soon

Current Honorees: In Honor of those who are still living

Gary Moore (2020)

Gary was the key to unlocking an awareness of the Holy Spirit to my wife and me, and through that, to our family, as well.

Dr. Bob Tuttle (2021)

Dr. Tuttle is a founding member of United Methodist Renewal Services Fellowship, now Aldersgate. In addition to being part of laying the foundation for ARM, Dr. Tuttle was instrumental in developing the Walk to Emmaus, another ministry with the goal of renewaing the church by raising up spiritual leaders in the church. Several generations of UMC clergy persons (including myself) sat at the feet of Dr. Tuttle as he passionately taught us the theology of the Wesley's and the Methodists.

Larry Eddings (2021)

God chose Rev. Larry Eddings to both show us the need for a fresh start in our marriage and also to start the process of ever-increasing newness in His love. We had come to the altar for prayer at an ARM-sponsored conference in our church when the Holy Spirit blessed us with a wrecking ball and the grace to put it all back together in His order. Thus we began a new marriage with new hope and new horizons. Because of his sensitivity and obedience to God, we honor and thank Rev. Eddings for an ongoing renewal ministry in our lives.

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