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The Methodist School For Supernatural Ministry

We had our first session of the MSSM last October.  In that session we talked about “The Basics”.  Frank Billman taught more than 90 participants on why signs, wonders and miracles are important and on some of our Methodist supernatural history.  We had a panel share on contemporary supernatural ministry happening in some UMCs today.  Margie Burger taught on developing intimacy with God, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, and led our daily soaking prayer sessions.  Dr. Scott McDermott  shared on Discerning the Spiritual Times, The Nature of Spiritual Experience, and Flowing in Gifts of the Spirit.  Ron Fearneyhough shared as part of the panel discussion and on impartation.

The presence and power of God was strong.  It was clear that this group of people come expecting the miraculous and God did not disappoint.  There were healings, fillings and anointed teachings.  The evaluations were extremely positive.

Several testimonies were received about the power of God showing up in people’s homes as they viewed the DVDs from Session One.  [You can purchase a set of these DVDs at] It has been especially exciting to hear how God has moved powerfully in local churches after people have returned home from the MSSM.

In February, Session Two focused on the subject of hearing God and prophecy.  Many of the 90 attendees who were not at the first session watched the DVDs of Session One. Just over half were lay people. Margie Burger, Frank Billman, Don Hershman, Rev. Scott Kelso, Rev. Tommy Hays and District Superintendent, Tom Halliburton, presented. There were opportunities to hear from God, to pray prophetically over others, and to receive prayer.  Mary Ellen Martin painted worship art during worship.  We ended the time with a fire tunnel for impartation that, according to the evaluation forms, seemed to be a highlight for many participants.  Approximately 50 participants went on an optional field trip Saturday night of the event to the Princeton Prayer Center at Ogden UMC in Princeton, KY.

DVDs of Session Two are available now go to  

Session Three of the MSSM on the subject of healing will take place October 19-22, 2011. We have not yet nailed down all the leadership or the exact subjects but the registration is already more than 1/3 full!  We will be offering an optional Saturday night field trip to the healing room ministry in Madisonville, KY as part of that session.  

Session Four, which right now we are calling “the Rest” will be held in February 2012 and will explore such topics as raising the dead, angelic encounters, visiting the heavenlies, transforming your community by the power of the Spirit, and other exciting topics not covered in other sessions.  

Also in 2012 there will be an optional mission trip to Brazil for MSSM students to go to Brazil to minister and be ministered to.  

We invite you to be praying for us as we discern whether to offer regional MSSM's after completion of Session Four.