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Inspired by the Spirit


One of my favorite stories from our recent conference was of a young pastor who came for the first time.  He was interested in all that was happening.  He was blessed while he was with us.  He felt empowered by the fire of God while in worship on Saturday evening.  He went home and set to work what he learned and testified to what he had seen.  He called together a prayer group to pray for their church, but a person in the group felt compelled to pray for the United Methodist Church.  They went into the Sanctuary and continued praying…powerful prayers.  Three people received a word of knowledge and they continued to pray with this word in mind.  What a testimony about how God worked during the conference and how He followed this one home to begin inspiring this church toward allowing the Holy Spirit to lead.  It is like what Paul said to Timothy in II Timothy 1:7 – “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

Isn’t that what we hope for as we pray for Aldersgate Renewal Ministries?  People are inspired by the Spirit when we gather…I was inspired, weren’t you?  People come and the newness of what is happening may overwhelm them, but not overcome their desire to know more and try to understand.  This year was no different.  There was a spirit of anticipation among those attending.  You could sense this almost everywhere in the building.  People were helping people find their ways to meals and workshops and offering prayers in corners…at the sides of rooms…in hallways… It was good to see the “family” minister together.  People were drawn to the worship celebrations to worship in the holy presence of God.  Every service was unique in some way.  All of the services touched me, but when the Gate Youth came for the fire tunnel – well, that just took my breath away.  The power of their witness was so strong.

Lives are being changed – at the Aldersgate Conference, at LCRE (local church renewal event) weekends, at RARF (regional affiliate renewal fellowship) retreats and at ARC (Aldersgate Renewal Center) events here in Goodlettsville.  Our ministry is meaningful and effective.  It’s because of people like you who pray for ARM, support us with encouraging words, attend our events and share your gifts with us.