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What a joy it is to see God at work in and through the prayers and presence of our Prayer Ministry Team and Spiritual Directors. There is no doubt that our ministry is making a positive difference.  At the same time, there is no doubt that there is a spiritual battle going on in the hearts and minds of the delegates, the leaders, and the many people who have come hoping to influence the work of the delegates. 

Let me share an amazing testimony of God working through prayer in the prayer room at General Conference 2016. Sally Beers​,​ one of our ARM Advisory Council members, is here praying with folks in the prayer room. The day was over and the prayer teams were packing up to leave when a young African American lady walked up to the prayer room. She saw that things were winding down and asked if she could just write her prayer on a card. Sally said yes but if you would like we can go into the prayer room and pray. The lady said that would be fine. As this lady shared with Sally it was obvious there was deep pain. Pain of feeling ugly, worthless, hopeless and abandoned by God. She said she wished the ground would just swallow her up. After a season of prayer and many tears before she left said that she felt loved, beautiful, hopeful and a ​had ​purpose from God. She also had a vision from God that He handed her many gifts wrapped in gold and told her to open them one by one upon ​returning home. God is so good and He meets us were we are in our deepest darkest times to bring hope and life.

Glory to God!

Our fourth day (May 12th) at General Conference has reminded us again of our church’s diversity, especially in music.  Below are pictures of the variety of music we have had in worship.

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Today (May 11), we attended the morning worship followed by the Episcopal Address.  Several people came by our exhibit and we prayed with some of them.  We were greeted by friends of the ministry – Sally Beers and Christine Rogan.  We even bumped into Larry Eddings who is attending as a visitor.  The Legislative Committees began their work this afternoon.  Now, they will work through the many petitions presented from individuals, groups, and annual conferences.



The highlight of our second day (Tuesday, May 10th) at General Conference was the opening worship celebration.  One of the interesting moments was when they shared “Go and make disciples of all nations” with people sharing in several different languages.  Then we sang the first stanza of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy in different languages.  Bishop Brown gave the message in which he shared an African song, Jesus, we are here for you.  We celebrated communion together and were encouraged to “Go” into the world with the message of Jesus. 

At our exhibit we met many people, some from the Philippines.  One of the ladies said she knew Larry Eddings.  All of them have attended the Philippines Aldersgate Conference.


Update from Ric Holladay from Monday, May 9th: Today at General Conference we dedicated the Prayer Room with about 30 in attendance. Pictured is the altar area. During the morning people gathered to prepare the Prayer Bead Strands to be given to all the delegates and Bishops. Following the dedication we went on a Prayer Walk of the convention center. It was a wonderful experience. The Prayer Bead Strands will be given out on Tuesday, May 10th during the opening of the General Conference plenary session. ‪#‎umcgc ‬