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Are you ready to make your New Year’s Resolutions?  Many people make resolutions every year.  Some are kept and some are laid aside as the year continues.  Can we celebrate the New Year with a Prayer for Renewal…in our personal lives, in our families, in our church, in our nation?  I believe this would be an excellent way to open ourselves to God in the New Year.  Our openness may allow the Holy Spirit to move in ways we have not imagined before.

Instead of writing a prayer for you, I’ll just give some thoughts that you may want to put with yours in a Prayer for Renewal.

Personal thoughts…You may want to look at areas in your life where renewal is needed:  prayer time, study time, time for serving, time for giving, family time, time for retreat with God, learning, loving, sharing, friendships, time for creating, and time for refreshing.

Family thoughts…You may want to see how to strengthen your family: prayer covering over each individual, ask God to renew relationships, seek what God wants for each member of your family, thoughts of love, care, concern, and hope, and family time together.

Church thoughts…You may want to consider what God desires for your church home: prayers for the pastor and his/her family, renewal of the Spirit in the congregation, openness to what God wants to do through the congregation, refreshing the minds of the church for what their purpose is, worship, service, love, and mission, and cooperation with other churches in their community.

Nation thoughts…You may want to lift our nation and world: openness to the Holy Spirit, hunger for God’s word and worship, growing in understanding of God, renewal of the church in America and the world, spiritual warfare for our nation, care for the needy, the hungry, the widow, and the orphan, and revival.

I am reminded of the words of the prophet Isaiah – “See, I am doing a new thing!” (43:19) Who knows what God has in store for us in this New Year?