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Watch Where You are Going
What do you think?  You’re driving along the road on your way north, when out of nowhere comes this car going at a speed much higher than the speed limit.  The driver is zigzagging through the traffic and several other drivers are hitting their brakes so there won’t be an accident.  Horns are honking, tires are peeling and people are jostled. The driver didn’t seem to understand the problems he/she is causing for other drivers.  It takes your breath away for a moment, and then you focus again on your own driving.  How do we deal with this situation within ourselves? Does anything like this happen in the church?  Well, maybe not with a car, but I have seen people bumping into others without noticing how they are affecting others.  I have seen people who are “doing the bumping” catch themselves and apologize for whatever happened.  I hav...
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