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Local Church Renewal Event (LCRE) Request to Schedule



List three dates which will be acceptable

(events normally begin on Friday and last through Sunday)

Please Describe Your Church

What modules [subjects], and how many, would you like to cover in your seminar?

Please choose 4 or more
4 modules--$800
5 modules--$950
6 modules--$1100
7 modules--$1250

We agree to:
(a) follow the preparation plan for this event;

(b) send our evaluation of the event to the ARM office;

(c) help the coordinator with his or her travel expenses;

(d) pay for participant manuals used and return the rest for credit;

(e) allow the team coordinator to speak in worship services
on the Sunday during the seminar and for the team members
to share in the Sunday School Classes(Optional) 

(f) help further this work by making a contribution to
ARM for this Local Renewal Event.
[This contribution can be made in the form of an offering
taken at the event or by inclusion in your church's mission
budget for the upcoming year.]