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ARM Goes to India

A Life in the Spirit team led by Parker Wayland will travel to India October 31-November 19. They will be serving a rather large Christian ministry network, Agape Church of Hyderabad and more than 100 of its branch churches.  This is in an overwhelmingly Hindu culture where God is doing great things to build the church of Jesus Christ.  

The team will fly to Hyderabad in south-central India and conduct seminars at Millennium Methodist Church in Hyderabad and in Rajahmundry, a city of over 800,000 people about 248 miles eastward.  Parker anticipates the ministries will be in the format of what has been called the Life in the Spirit Experience (LISE) where many talks are followed by some Spirit-led interaction of ministry by team members with the participants.  This approach has been used to great effect in recent international ministries as well as a few domestic ones.  

Agape Church is a group of more than 100 churches.  The ministry also organizes Gospel Crusades to plant new churches, does evangelistic outreach in cities and villages, takes care of 400 orphans in 6 children’s homes, cares for lepers in 3 leper colonies and operates one home for old aged widows.  They also conduct feeding programs, relief and rehabilitation projects, medical camps, feeding programs, and give help to the poorest of the poor in India.  This LISS will be part of their efforts to provide training in ministry to Indian pastors, evangelists, lay leaders and “Bible women.”  We expect 200 to 300 attendees including senior pastors, associate pastors, worship pastors, children’s pastors, evangelists, Sunday School teachers, Bible teachers and lay leaders.  Time in the Lord ranges from 5 years to 50 years, and Christian education ranges from able to read and write to MDiv.  Our host pastor, Rev. D. John Moses who attended Aldersgate 2009, says, “The LISS will help them to do the ministry more and more in India to win more souls for Christ and to strengthen their personal lives and to minister more effectively for Jesus Christ.”

If you are interested in serving on this team, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .